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  • Mixed material immediately behind screed is maintained at approximately 110 degrees
  • Production capability -- 7000-11,000 sq. m/day, which is equivalent to a finished, reconstituted highway of 3-lane kilometers or 1.85 miles


   Download the End Product Specification for HOT-IN-PLACE Recycled Asphalt Pavement (in PDF)



  • Wheel path rutting -- less than 50 mm

  • Patching- low to medium frequency
  • Wheel path fatigue cracking -- low severity
  • Transverse cracking -- we do projects with lots of transvers cracking and like mill and fill projects they come back over time.
  • Bleeding -- bleeding pavements are considered
  • Existing pavement thickness -- minimum 50 mm to 100 mm. Although we have done roads with an asphalt depth of only 50mm and recycled the top 40mm, the projects were still considered to be very successful.

  • Roughness -- smooth to moderate. We have done rough roads and it was made way better

  • Structural condition -- minimum structural capacity based on strength testing
  • Projects with extensive rubberized crack sealant or high percentages of rubber tires may not be considered. However we do major crack sealing very often.
  • Bottom lifts then overlaid for structural strength with hot mix
  • Chip sealed or seal coated is okay
  • Four inch rehabilation - two inch hot-in-place plus two inch overlay


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