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You don't have to be an economist to understand that the cheapest energy -whether it's gas to heat your home, oil to fuel your car or electricity to power your business- is the energy that we do not use. For consumers of all shapes and sizes, resource conservation is simply good, responsible business. As the world edges closer towards a global population of 9 billion, employing resources more efficiently at every level of society and every level of industry only becomes more important.

If we are to pass a world on to our children and our children's children that resembles the planet we have today, we have to do everything in our power to discontinue the relentless plundering of non-renewable stocks of resources, and begin consuming and taking advantage of renewable and closed-loop approaches to consumption and production.

Over the past twenty years at Green Roads Recycling, we have been doing our part to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable, stable economy by re-using, recycling and re-purposes precious non-renewable resources like oil and aggregate, the two primary materials used to build and maintain roads and highways. Sure, the blacktop business has not traditionally been regarded as a green enterprise. Lately, however, this is undergoing many changes. Asphalt is the world's most recycled product, reclaimed and recycled at a rate of hundreds of million tons annually - more than paper, glass, aluminum and plastic combined. This is because there is a growing recognition that we have already moved mountains and gone to the farthest corners of the Earth in search of high quality resources like oil and stone aggregate. Through Hot-in-Place Asphalt Recycling - a technology pioneered by Green Roads Recycling- we have the knowledge and know-how to extend the life of these finite resources indefinitely. The truth is, the best resources we have at our disposal are those sitting right beneath our feet.
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